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          展館簡介:瓜達拉哈拉展覽中心是具備最現代化的設施的展館,墨西哥國的大型展覽會均在此展館舉行。這里的空間及服務都必然會促進企業的貿易往來,幫助他們和主要的供應商,消費者建立關系,為他們營造一個極其優秀的商業環境。瓜達拉哈拉是墨西哥的第一大商業城市,墨西哥國的主要貿易公司和批發商都在瓜達拉哈拉市和周邊地區做為公司的所在地。 Expo Guadalajara, is the most dynamic, versatile and important Exhibition/Convention Center in Mexico, as well as possessing an enormous projection throughout Latin America. This exhibition center is primarily dedicated to the selling of exhibition space and services. Our clients can count on excellent facilities so that exhibitors can appropriatly present their products and/or services in order to better promote and sell to their clients. . Expo Guadalajara is an intergrated, up to date, proactive facility, and best designed to carry out exhibitions, conventions, congresses and all type of events, because of its infrastructure, operating systems and services. Expo Guadalajara offers the exhibitor the necessary client attention in order to successfully meet their needs.